Best Foreign Lesbian Songs

We can all name a couple of lesbian songs from the top of our head, songs from Tegan and Sara, Melissa Etheridge, and even Tatu. Surely they are all great songs, but they are all in English. What I would really like to point out is that there are also great songs in other languages, because English sure isn’t the only language in which you can sing.

What I can offer you here right now are songs in Spanish, Italian and even one in Chinese, and each single one of them with the translation of the lyrics in English. Just look at the video.

First one up is one of the most famous lesbian songs in another language, also the first one I came in contact with. This song is called Mujer Contra Mujer, that can probably be best translated as Woman Vs. Woman. It’s a song from Mecano, maybe you remember them? They had a worldwide hit with their song Hijo De La Luna. They also sang their song Mujer Contra Mujer in French, Une Femme Avec Une Femme, you can listen to that one here. And this is the original version with lyrics.

If you want to view the original video clip, you can find that one here.

Let’s stay with the Spanish songs for a moment and go to one of my favorite songs ever. It’s a song from Chenoa, a famous Spanish artist, and her song is called Sol, Noche Y Luna, translated as Sun, Night and Moon. In summary it’s about the Moon, she’s a woman and she’s dating this man, the Sun. But then she falls in love with the Night, and Night is her best friend and is also a woman. So here it is:

This next song is from a Latin country, so maybe when you are not used to this kind of music, you won’t like it that much, but hopefully you do. The song is from an artist called Dalila, and the song is named Amor Entre Mujeres, translated as Love Between Women. As homosexuality is still a taboo in most Latin countries, the song is about how love between women is amazing, but that the singer knows it’s not right.

And here comes the last Spanish song for now, from this band called Lujuria and their song is called Sol√≥ Son Rosas, which means Only Roses. In the song, they compare society to a garden. In this garden there are roses and carnations, and a rose and carnation have to go in pairs. A rose is a woman and a carnation is a man. And then there are these two roses that don’t want to separate.

Now before we go on to Italy, let me first tell you about this one Chinese song. This song is from the first out lesbian singer in China, Qiao Qiao, and she made this song called Ai Bu Fen, it means Love Does Not Discriminate. In the video, because I used the original video to add in the translation, you see two ballerina’s, they are in love, although you don’t see them doing much except holding hands. But the producer and artist thought that people in China weren’t ready yet to see two girls kiss.

Now lets go to Italy, to the most well known lesbian song in Italian. The artist is Dulcenera with her song Resta Come Sei, and that means Stay As You Are. So you might have already guessed what it’s about. It’s about this girl, Laura, that falls in love with her best friend, and she’s afraid, but the song tells her to stay who she is, to not try and change herself.

The next song is also well known, from the singer Valeria Vaglio with her song Ore Ed Ore, it means Hours. It’s about her relationship with a woman, who then left her for this man without even saying a word. It sounds very depressing, but it’s actually a really good song.

The last two Italian songs are both from the same artist, but they aren’t well known. The first one is Due Donne, which means Two Women, and the other one is Io E Maria, meaning Maria And I. Both songs are from Paola Turci. Due Donne is about these two women who once had a relationship but then suddenly parted and then both started living their own lives, but then they all of a sudden see each other again in the middle of the street and start talking. Io E Maria is about these two women that were left by their husbands and these women are now together.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! Visit my youtube channel sometime, mjgmf2, because there are probably a lot more videos to come!