In Defense of Embracing ‘Gay Songs’

Since launched in Jan. 2010, there has been a bit of criticism. Obviously, some people take exception to the fact that we may have missed naming particular ‘gay songs,’ but that’s par for the course on all sites that have lists.  Much of the criticism – and there’s been very little, relatively speaking – centers around the following points. We answer each of them:

1) How is any of this music ‘gay’? How is ABBA’s Dancing Queen ‘gay’ when it’s about a 17-year-old girl going out dancing?

The site was started based on surveys given and taken by gay people to name music that is embraced by the gay community, whether the homosexual context of the song is obvious or non-existent. There is nothing ‘gay’ about Dancing Queen other than the fact that the gay community has picked it as the top song in these discussions.

People search for ‘gay music’ every day, enough for us to justify making a site to celebrate it. This site is what they’re looking for when they search. Why deny them an accurate search result? We’d start a Top Redneck Songs site if we knew anything about that.

2) Most of the selections on the main list of top gay songs and top lesbian songs are stereotypical, songs that heterosexuals can pick out as being ‘gay.’

Yes. Are we supposed to pick out non-obvious songs that are considered ‘gay’? Ones that have absolutely no ‘gay’ context or aren’t historically embraced within the community? Of course Madonna’s Vogue is on the list.

3) Realistically, the gay community doesn’t sit around listening to YMCA.

True. If you ask any gay person what their favorite music is, they will rarely name any of the top ‘gay’ songs. Realistically – and still acknowledging that these are stereotypes – gay folks are early followers of certain songs and musicians before either gets big. That, however, doesn’t make the music ‘gay.’ Ideally, we’d be able to handle a site that keeps up with the trends of the gay community’s musical tastes, but we don’t have the budget for that! Instead, we’ll focus on the classics, with the occasional article about something new.

Also, if anyone is wondering, there has been very little homophobic feedback about this site!