Help Wanted: Writers!

TopGaySongs is looking for writers who are PASSIONATE about music, so passionate that they’re willing to write for the pure fun of it! Yes, this is a site that wants YOUR byline on articles so you can have an outlet for your thoughts on music.

What are we looking for? To be specific:

Someone who likes musicals, particularly ones that are popular within the ‘community.’ Just think, you’re a huge fan of My Fair Lady, and now you’ve got an outlet to write about it!

An American Idol columnist. What’s a gay site without that, anyway?

List makers. Everyone loves lists. Lesbian song lists. Gay song lists. Bi-sexual song lists. Album lists. Best bi-sexual artists. Best ‘butch’ songs. Best gay disco songs. You get the point.

Writers who are into new music, like that Adam Lambert guy. Writers who are into old music. Writers who love Madonna. Or Cher.

Just contribute, will ya? You know you want to!

Please contact the TGS editors!

But if you’d rather just let us know what your favorite musical is, tell us in the comments.