Interview With Rapper Scandocious J.r.

TopGaySongs caught up with rapper Scandocious J.r., to ask him his thoughts on rap, influences, and being a gay man in the music industry.

Which artists got you into rap and hip hop? Which LGBT artists influenced you?

I am a singer as well as a rapper. It was Janet Jackson and Nas who influenced me at that time, I knew of no other openly gay rappers back in 1999, so no one gay influenced me at all.

Considering the prejudice toward LGBT folks by many rap and hip hop artists, did you ever find it difficult to enjoy that type of music?

No, that didn’t bother me too much. I feel everyone is entitled to freedom of speech. I saw music as a way of giving the gay community their own voice.

Is your family supportive of your sexuality and your career?

No, my family is not supportive of my career, or my sexuality. I was put out of my home at a very young age because I was gay.

When did you get your big break?

At the age of 15 I was signed to a major label, but they were concentrating on the major stars at the company at that time, so my big break came when I decided to do it myself. I run my own label, make my own instrumentations and write my own music. Every music video you see me in was created by me. I am self contained.

Has there been any progress with rap and hip hop toward LGBT folks?

There has been progress. I have been on plenty of celebrity websites such as,, and  I was featured on TMZ and a few other news reports.

Any thoughts on Eminem using slurs, but claiming to have no issue with gay folks?

As far as Eminem using negative slurs towards gays doesn’t make me any difference. I am not a fan of his music anyway. Like I said I believe in freedom of speech whether it’s positive or negative.

Which other LGBT rap and hip hop artists do you associate with?

It’s interesting, ever since I have experienced a little bit of mainstream media attention, other gay rappers don’t like me very much. But it makes me any difference, I didn’t get in this to make friends, I am here to make music for my fans.

Any interesting stories or information you’d like to share?

I plan to take this ‘gay music’ thing a bit further with my new album that I will release in the next two months. I have a few new strategies I plan to put into action. So make sure you keep an eye on me.

Watch J.r.’s music videos Existence and Will You Marry Me Boy.