Interview With Artist John Brandoli

John Brandoli is an up-and-coming singer whose versatile style of folk rock and pop are getting him plenty of gigs in the New England area. We at Top Gay Songs caught up with John to discuss his life and music.

Download his current single, Chameleon, at and get his CD, Suspended Disbelief, at CDBaby. Also, check out his website,

Which artists got you into music? Which LGBT artists influenced you?

I came from a family of musicians. We all played instruments and sang. Without a doubt, the biggest influence from an LGBT artist has to be Elton John. I remember getting his album “The One” and listening to it on repeat for about a year. Also, at an early age, Melissa Etheridge. I used to blast that song “Like the Way I Do.” Melissa is an amazing rocker and has that strength, very inspiring. But as far as songwriting goes, nobody influenced me more than Stevie Nicks. Although she isn’t LGBT, she totally gets it and her music speaks to everyone at a soul level.

Is your family supportive of your sexuality and your career?

My family is amazing. I came out to them probably the most upset I’ve ever been. They looked at me and said, “Yeah, we kind of knew, let’s order a pizza!” It was no big deal to them. I feel really blessed to have been surrounded by family and friends that were amazingly supportive. As far as my career, I don’t think they ever thought I would do anything else. I started writing at 14 and never looked back. I think my parents were fairly cautionary because they know the struggles in the music industry

When did you get your big break?

I guess it depends on how you define “big break.” Although I look like him, I certainly don’t have John Mayer’s money! But, I do make ends meet doing what I love. I travel around and sing people my songs. What could be better?

Which other LGBT artists do you associate with?

Lisa Ellingsen from Western Mass. She’s fantastic you all should check her out! I would love to collaborate with Melissa Ferrick. What a talent! She seems to have such a great soul and her music is from the heart.

Any interesting stories from your music career or thoughts you’d like to share?

When I released my latest CD in 2008, Suspended Disbelief, I was in a completely different place. It seems I’ve been living this dream and woke up and it was three years later. My fans are eager to hear the new album due out this Spring!

My LGBT fans can see me anywhere from Germany to the Queer Carnivale in Northampton Mass. this year. It’s going to be an exciting year for my LGBT fans!