John Mayer

When it comes to John Mayer, it is difficult to decipher what is more important about his life: his music, his love life, Jennifer Aniston, or how much he masturbates. After reading numerous articles, it appears that the latter three are of highest concern. His recent cover shot and interview in Rolling Stone has led to some interesting articles on and causing some readers to think Mayer is hinting toward an unexplored gay side to his life.

Although Mayer claims to not want to waste time looking for an ideal partner, he seems quite obsessed with the whole life-partner search. He says to Erik Hedegaard from Rolling Stone, “Think of how much mental capacity I’m using to meet the right person so I can stop giving a fuck about it.” Mayer’s desire to meet someone worth marrying and have a natural rhythm to his life so he can concentrate on his career is something many people can relate to, but it is complicated for a famous musician like Mayer to normalize his life when tabloids run amok.

Since there have been rumors and stories in the past of Mayer’s visits to gay clubs and possible encounters with other men, it isn’t all that shocking to read an interview about some of Mayer’s personal habits. His revelation of the type of pornographic things he looks at and how masturbation has helped him out of life’s problems, is maybe a bit too much information for anyone. I can’t see how many people could possibly care, and it seems that Mayer was intentionally being dirty to ward off further interviews and press. Thankfully, it seems that Mayer’s music is being discussed more due to his upcoming British tour. So, maybe we can finally hear more about his music and less about his personal life for the time being.