More Top Lesbian Songs… got the message. While our list of Top Lesbian Songs certainly has good ones, there are far more to consider. We continue to rank the previous 50 via your votes, so if you haven’t, please vote on those first. But here are 50 more that came directly from you, the user. While we tried to include every last song, we decided to cut the list to 50, because everyone loves round numbers. Unfortunately, some bad ones may have gotten through, so if you see a head-scratcher, just don’t vote for it and that will get filtered out for the next round of voting. Eventually, we’ll develop the ‘Master List of Top Lesbian Songs.”

So, here is the next list. Pick your favorite five and vote. If your favorite lesbian song isn’t included on this, or the previous list, let us know in the comments, but only if it is really and truley deserving of a mention, and not just some song that you like cause you smooch to it.

What Are Your Top Five Favorite 'Lesbian' Songs on This List?

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