Ricky Martin Is Gay

Ricky Martin is out of the closet.

Like with Ellen D., the whole world assumed he was gay, and he waited waited waited to come out only to prove everyone right on his own terms.

Why the wait? Certainly, for most people, coming out of the closet is a very important part of their life and they must prepare for the possible backlash. But when artists and actors, especially those who are presumed to be gay, wait so long, why shouldn’t we react with a collective “No DUH!” when the sexual preference is verified?

There was NOTHING astonishing about Rosie, Ellen and Elton coming out, and Ricky Martin is just another in the long list splattered with obvious. Congrats Ricky, you are who we thought you were. (Now, if someone like, say, Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine came out, THAT would be a real story.)