Top Songs

As of now, we’ve got three lists going… Top Gay Songs, Top Lesbian Songs and Songs About Cross-dressing. Want to help enhance this site with more lists? Contact the TGS Editors.

Top Gay Songs

This list was compiled by Australian website, which took a poll and determined that the gayest songs of all time are as follows. Take a look, buy the ones you don’t own, and then vote on your favorite five at the bottom.

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Top Lesbian Songs

Unlike the list of gay-favorites, which was compiled by an Australian website which actually had gay people rank the songs that they picked, the following list of songs favored by many lesbians is unranked. However, we here at intend to get your opinion on which songs belong on this list, as well as the rank. Of these 50, select your five favorites.

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Songs About Cross-Dressing

Like anything, when bands write songs about something, occasionally you find yourself rocking out to some good music. These are the only songs we can find.

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