Weather Girls, “It’s Raining Men”

Released by The Weather Girls in 1982, this song became a dance anthem, a female anthem, and obviously a gay anthem. And get this – it was written in part by David Letterman’s bandleader, Paul Shaffer!

You also may have recognized it as the theme song to the “Men on…” skits on In Living Color. Need to be reminded what those are? Watch:

On The Simpsons, Moe banishes Homer from the bar.
Moe: “…and I’m taking your favorite song out of the jukebox.”
Homer: “‘It’s Raining Men?'”
Moe: “Yeah, not no more it ain’t.”
The record is thrown out and then picked up by Waylon Smithers.

Now, at long last, the song! (Also, share your memories of It’s Raining Men in the comments)

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